Waffles and more!

Taste of Belgium is a restaurant group of Belgian-inspired eateries; from bakery to full service restaurant & bar and catering services.

In 2007, Jean-François Flechet brought back a 120lbs cast iron waffle maker from his native Belgium. He began baking the waffles he grew up with at the back of a produce store at Findlay Market. After a few weeks, the store was too congested with waffle-eating-people and the owner of the produce store told Jean-François we needed to find him a new home.

The little waffle place grew, one waffle at a time to become a new Cincinnati favorite. From one person and a waffle iron, Taste of Belgium expanded into multiple food establishments including a full service restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and a unique weekend brunch with a large selection of Belgian beers and a wide selection of Genevers (Belgian national alcohol and the mother-of-all-gins).

Taste of Belgium draws on its Belgian heritage to create a one-of-a-kind, Belgian-inspired, locally infused culinary experience. We thumb our nose at convention and treat our guests and their taste buds to unexpected combinations and unorthodox preparations.

Belgians would be disturbed by the idea of serving a Liège waffle with fried chicken. The French would be upset that we Belgianized their “galettes Bretonnes” by adding beer to the buckwheat crêpe batter. And no Cachaça will make a caipirinha taste better than the old-grain Belgian Genever we use in preparing our award- winning cocktail at the Bistro.

We believe elegant cuisine can be served with a down-to-earth attitude and humble foods can be served elegantly. We take the food we create and the service we provide very seriously, but not ourselves.